Friday, September 01, 2006

Multnomah Students Are Back!

Students moved in the dorms on Sunday. It’s hard to believe that summer is over and a new semester is beginning! Student Services kicks into high gear at the end of July to prepare for students arriving. One of my new responsibilities now that we have a new director is to run the entire parent dinner on Sunday evening of move in day. It’s like planning a wedding reception. My goal was to step up the quality of the event and using the brand new Joseph C. Aldrich Student Center made that fairly easy. The key to a successful event is working with good people: Micah is excellent with the catering, Miriam is wonderful with the music, and Scott is outstanding when it comes to sound and lighting. I had fun putting together all of the pieces for the evening and it was rewarding to see people enjoying themselves at the dinner. I received lots of positive feedback. (Sometimes I wonder if I should go into event planning or wedding coordinating.) I get today off of work to make up for putting in a full day on Sunday. Hopefully things will slow down now. Davin and I both feel the increasing work load and stress on our jobs as Multnomah continues to grow. Things should ease up soon… but of course I’ve been saying that for a year.