Saturday, July 20, 2013

9th Anniversary

It is so nice to be away from the kids for a couple nights!  Davin and I are at a beach house in Depot Bay, OR.  It's owned by some church friends, and we won it in a missions trip fundraiser bid.  We just bid our whole anniversary budget although this house is worth a lot more, and since we paid it to the church, it's also tax deductible!  

We arrived yesterday afternoon, and it's perfectly lovely.  We have an ocean view and a hot tub.  Our walk on the beach last night was cold, but we're hoping to get more sun this afternoon.  We had a nice evening of relaxing, and I enjoyed working on a puzzle this morning looking out over the ocean while Davin slept in.  It's so nice having no little voices clamoring for me this morning.  Here's to a whole day of doing whatever we want!