Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pool Party and a Big Red Ball

Desmond is doing much better!  Now we’re just dealing with normal stuff like teething.  Almost every afternoon we hit a rough spot around 4-5pm… too late for a nap, not quite ready for dinner, bored with all the normal toys, and really fussy.  I try to save an errand or two for late afternoon or we go on a walk to get out of the house.  My allergies aren’t liking the latter option lately, so earlier this week I bought a kiddie pool to help the afternoon fussies.  Desmond had a blast splashing around on the back patio.  Another day we ended up at Target and I got him a big red ball.  He loves it, as you can see, and I’m pretty sure he’s been saying “ball”… his first word!  (…other than “mama” and “dada” which seem to be said at random times so it’s hard to know when to count them as actual words he can say.)

IMG_4524 IMG_4561

Friday, June 05, 2009

Doing the wave.

Desmond would like to say hi to everyone who reads our blog.

My little inch worm

Well, it’s official Desmond can crawl.  Yeay!  Fortunately Melissa was able to get it on camera.  He kinda looks like an inch worm when he crawls.  He bends up in the middle and then thrusts out.  But hey, he moves!  Below are his first two successful tries.

And take two.  Not as easy as the first time.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Slightly Traumatic Morning

Exactly one month ago Desmond was on antibiotics for an ear infection and sore throat. Well, Tuesday morning at 2am he was awake with a 102.5 fever that stayed consistently throughout the day. Tuesday night it spiked to 104.7. Yikes! The advice nurse said to give him Tylenol and a sponge bath to lower the fever and call again if it didn’t improve. We made it through the night and all day Wednesday, but then he didn’t want to eat or drink much of anything so we scheduled the doctor visit.

This morning I took Desmond in, and the doctor was very concerned that he had such a high fever. There were no other symptoms to go on so she ordered a barrage of tests. First was the throat swab. Gagging isn’t fun. Then the urine sample with a catheter. Really not fun. Then the chest x-ray where they cinched him up in a tight tube with his arms above his head. Really, really not fun. Finally some blood work. Yeah, still no fun to be had, but he was cute in his mini hospital gown! Mostly, these things scared Des because they involved being held down. The poor little guy took a three hour nap when we finally got home. (I hope he doesn’t have any bad dreams!)

Doctor says… the initial blood work looks like it's a virus and his blood cell count is strong so that's good. Strep came back negative, but the x-ray showed a bit of pneumonia in his right lung. Oh, dear! How’d he get that? We have to wait a couple days to get back the urine and blood cultures to see if they can further identify what’s going on. Since a strain of bacteria can cause pneumonia, we have antibiotics again.

Desmond is feeling noticeably better today, but the fever though lower is still persisting. I sure hope he gets completely well quickly and that he will stay well for a long, long time!

First Bike Ride

Our friends the Lees just got a double bike trailer so we had to go take it for a spin with both kiddos.  Desmond wasn’t so sure about the helmet, and I think he’ll enjoy biking even more if next time we go out before it’s his bedtime.  We ended up at Reed College where the guys headed out to find the geocaching marker we were after while the girls played with the kids.  Desmond was putting everything in his mouth including the bouncy ball he’s holding in the first picture (he was very upset when we discovered it and took it out), a couple rocks and the tiny pinecone he’s holding in the last picture.  How else do you experience the world?

IMG_4495 IMG_4498 IMG_4503 IMG_4509

First Trip to the Beach!

On May 16th we took a family trip to Cannon Beach.  It was a beautiful and surprisingly warm day at the Oregon coast.  Desmond got to experience the sand and the waves just long enough for a few pictures. (The camera was dead but Davin’s iPhone did decently well.)  Now, who’s idea was it to bring the stroller down on the beach?  Of course, no beach trip would be complete without stopping to eat clam chowder at Mo’s.  Yum!

IMG_0015 IMG_0003IMG_0023 IMG_0026 IMG_0032  IMG_0046 IMG_0051IMG_0036

Mother’s Day

This year was my first official Mother’s Day. My parents and brother came up and went to church with us, and afterward we went to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. Then Davin, Desmond and I went to a park to swing and slide for a little bit. Des loves to swing high! It was a lovely day with my amazingly wonderful family.IMG_4393

IMG_4403 IMG_4408