Friday, April 27, 2012

Kaylynn's first step

Kaylynn took her first step yesterday! Walking is not far off and she will be very happy when she masters it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stoneridge Vacation

April 6-13 we went to Stoneridge Resort in Blanchard, Idaho.  Davin’s parents have a timeshare there and let us use it this year.  Davin has many memories of going there as a kid and now he’s bringing his kids there, so that made it extra special.  It was our first vacation as a family of four.


On Saturday the kids participated in an Easter Egg hunt.  Kaylynn was happy with one or two eggs.  Desmond filled his basket to the brim and had plenty to share with some late-comers.


We took a bike ride down to the far side of the nearby lake where we had a picnic lunch and Desmond enjoyed throwing rocks into the water.


Davin remembers climbing on this rock and now it’s Desmond’s turn.  Kaylynn had a blast on a slide for the first time.  She’d go when she was ready and Daddy caught her at the end.


Kaylynn also went swimming for the first time.  She warmed up to it quickly.  It had been quite awhile for Desmond, too, and this little floaty toy was perfect for him.  We played a round of mini golf though Desmond was getting a bit bored by the end, and Kaylynn was eating the landscaping.


We especially enjoyed getting to spend time with Davin’s parents and had a surprise visit from Davin’s sister Ashana and Ed, too.  It was nice being there on Chuck’s birthday to celebrate with him.


Vacationing with two little ones presents unique challenges.  The first was packing everything we needed/wanted in our tiny Civic.  We packed it to the brim and then gained a few things from Davin’s family so we were extra full on the way home and had to tie the trunk down with a rope.

Also sleeping was challenging.  On the way over we left the night before so the kids could sleep on the way, but they both stayed awake the first three hours of the drive, and then it took us two hours to get them both to sleep once we arrived.  Davin had the forethought to upgrade our resort room to a one bedroom so we could stay up and do things in the evenings without disturbing the sleeping kids.  Kaylynn is a light sleeper and it seemed truly impossible for her to stay asleep with Desmond in the room because he really couldn’t resist talking, so we set up the playpen in the closet of the bathroom sink area since it was its own enclosed room.  It worked fairly well.  The return trip took about nine hours and Kaylynn slept for only forty minutes that whole time.   She’s really determined!

We had a great family vacation.  I loved having us all together 24/7 for the week.