Thursday, July 05, 2018

June Highlights

June really flew by! Here are some highlights before any more time slips away.

School is over! The kids are loving all the free time and I'm working on getting some house projects done when I can.

Mommy-Brielle date to Krispy Kreme.

Emberly visiting with Nana at Father's Day.

Daddy-Kaylynn camping trip to Battle Ground Lake.

Emberly is crawling all over the house and loves getting into small spaces and putting everything she can into her mouth.

Kid time at the park. 
(Side note: We just got Desmond men's size 8 shoes! The kids are growing fast.)

The biggest highlight from June was Kaylynn's ballet recital. She worked hard all year on her dance. Her class was the dove in the Noah's Ark story, and she was so pretty in her costume. 

Kaylynn's teacher, Miss Taliah.