Thursday, December 07, 2017

Christmas Time is Here!

This one is for Grandma Linda. She misses the blog and seeing pictures of the grand kids, so I thought I'd revive it and see if I can sustain some kid updates and photos.

It's Christmas! All isn't always merry and bright, but I love the traditions as we celebrate the greatest gift ever. Jesus' birth and life certainly wasn't all merry either, but pain was necessary to bring about our salvation. Real life is a mix of pain and joy, struggle and blessing. Often both can be side by side. So wherever you are at this holiday season, it's okay.

Some pictures of our Christmas season so far...
 Brielle riding Elvis at the tree farm. Desmond and Kaylynn are both too big now.
 Here's our tree! (from Washougal River Tree Farm)
 When did they all get so big?
 Ready to haul it home.
 Kids decorating. The bottom branches are loaded.
 Why?! Why don't Christmas lights work two years in a row?! I can never fix the half that's out.
 My cute little reindeer!
 Adult Christmas party at a friend's house.
 Gaining good head control.
 Brielle loves the camera!
 Christmas lights are up outside.
 Christmas coloring with Brielle.
 Dress from Jeremy's wedding. This is the last time she'll fit in it.
Kaylynn had ballet yesterday. Still loving it!
Ho! Ho! Ho! (one week shy of four months old)