Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Puddle Jumping

The past few days have been super rainy... even for the Northwest.  When the kids seemed to be bored with the normal inside activities we put on our boots and headed outside.  We found the perfect puddle in the corner of our back yard and the kids splashed away.  When they were wet and cold we headed inside to warm up with some hot chocolate.  Today I am thankful for our dry, warm house.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Halloween Costumes

For Halloween Desmond was a fireman.  I sewed the jacket which of course was more difficult than I anticipated with the shiny plastic material.  Kaylynn was a little fairy with her tutu and wings.  I really wanted to give her pig tails but she would have none of it. 
We went to our usual spot at Real Life Church.  They put on a good party.  Desmond really liked the dark maze and the candy, and Kaylynn's favorite part was the rocking horse.  We stayed until she was making loud "I'm tired" noises then headed home for bed.

October News

The past few weeks have been fairly busy ones.  The biggest news is that on October 31st I started my new seasonal job at the Hazel Dell Target.  We've been wanting to make some progress toward eliminating some of our recent bills and this will help.  I'm working evenings and weekends (about 12 hours a week right now) to fit around Davin's job.  It's fun being back at Target - my first employer.  Lots has changed in 14 years but a lot of it is familiar, too.  The only downside is that I'm tired in the evenings and this cuts into my time with Davin.  We'll see how it goes and once the season is over I can be done or if they offer me a regular job I can decide then. 

We've been enjoying the season and carved our pumpkins.  Desmond designed the little one himself.  We also got a new oven off craigslist!  The guy had it listed under "Antiques" instead of "Appliances" and I stumbled on it by mistake but we got it for a great deal.  So nice to have an oven door that opens all the way!  Now we can fit the turkey in for Thanksgiving.

I've been into project mode lately.  I got a twin bed frame from a friend and have been sanding it down so we can refinish it for Kaylynn.  I've seen her almost climb out of her crib once.  I also got a wooden toy sink and stove from the same friend and I'm going to refinish it for Kaylynn as well.  It should be a lot easier to sand than the spindles on the bed!  I just wonder if I can get it finished in time for Christmas.  We'll see.