Monday, August 19, 2013

Green Peter Lake

On August 9th we went camping for the first time in three years!  We returned to my brothers' favorite spot at Green Peter Lake outside of Sweet Home, Oregon where we day-camped last year.  It's accessible only by boat.  In true Studer fashion we brought a little rain with us, but overall the weather was pretty decent.  The kids did fairly well sleeping in a tent and really loved running around the campground, exploring, playing with salamanders, and throwing rocks in the lake.  Desmond got his first inner tube ride pulled behind the boat.  He would have done it for hours if we let him.  Although camping with two little ones isn't exactly relaxing, I enjoyed the quiet nature all around us and a few extra hands to help wrangle the kids.

We also celebrated Davin's 36th birthday.  I got him a sodastream that's been getting daily use and some LuminAIDs which are really cool solar powered lights that we got to use that night.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Camping Preparation

Hard to believe its been three years since we've been camping!  Last time Desmond was two, and after a nearly sleepless night we decided it would be awhile before we did that again.  Well, the memories of no sleep have faded and we're trying not to notice that Kaylynn is only two and much more sensitive to her environment than Desmond is.  Last year we joined my family for a day camping trip, but this year we decided to give staying overnight in a tent a try. 

Our new huge tent arrived today.  It will accommodate our family for years to come with three rooms for privacy when needed and a 10 x 17 footprint.  I have been looking for a tent for weeks searching stores and Craigslist and finally found this one on sale on Amazon.  I like that it's Coleman and was less than $100 brand new. 

Of course we had to set it up in the playroom to check it out, and it barely fit.  It was a nice distraction for the kids today.  Also I think the more Kaylynn can get used to it the better.
Now I just need to prep all the food and make goodies that won't disrupt Kaylynn's diet.  Then it's on to the packing list.  I'm looking forward to arriving at Green Peter Lake on Friday!