Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Half-Black Test ... Half-Black? Is that like gray?

I had my half-black belt test today. I know you're probably thinking what is half-black? No, it's not gray. It is a belt with a black stripe and a red stripe. It is the belt in between red and black. It was a very long test ... at least it seemed that way to me. Although it is only a fraction of the length of my next test though. I was pretty tried after this test. But in the end I passed. My next test will be about an hour of just me doing every kick I've learned, every basic (punching & kicking routines) from every belt, and some stuff that I have to make up myself. The stuff that I will have to make up is three different routines of 20 hand strikes/blocks in 5 seconds and three different routines of 10 kicks in 5 seconds. There is no way I could do it all yet, but I'll try to get there over the summer. I'm surprised that I have come as far as I have. It feels good to know that I am getting better at Tae Soo Do.

Surprise Gettaway

I surprised Davin last weekend with a little early anniversary/happy father's day/babymoon gettaway. Since baby's due within days of our 4 year anniversary, going out of town like we normally do is out of the question. So I booked a room at the hotel where we spent our first night together on our honeymoon. I packed our bags and checked in early to get the room set up with some roses, pictures, candles, and sparkling cider. I also ordered pizza to be delivered for dinner. Then I picked Davin up from the MAX station after work and surprised him by driving straight to the hotel. We had a relaxing evening, and it felt so good to sleep in! (Only about 3 more times to sleep in on the weekend!) Happy Un-Iversary!