Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Things to Remember about the Baby Days

Things I want to remember: 3:00 am breastfeeding snuggles.  How she puts her arms down and tucks them in at her sides when sleeping.  Rubbing her face in my shoulder or the bed sheet when she's ready to go to sleep.  Half-asleep breastfeeding with her arm draped across her eyes.  The cute noise she makes when the sneeze almost comes but then doesn't.  Her laughs when I laugh.  The way it tickles her when I'm getting her arms out of her sleeves.  The wide toothless grin I see every day.  Quiet coos and excited squeals.  How music soothes her.  Plump little legs chubbified without the assistance of bottles.  Her left leg pumping when she's excited or upset.  Bright sparkling blue eyes.

The first three months have flown by!  Just like before I couldn't imagine life with one more, but now I just love her to pieces!  Brielle is still sweet, content, easy-going and she's patient if ever there could be a patient baby.  She quietly waits her turn in her car seat sitting in the entry while I make lunch for the other two.  She greets me each morning with a smile. She usually falls asleep with no cries.  She is sunshine in my day.