Friday, June 08, 2012

Krazy Kaylie Hair


Kaylynn has this amazing fine fluffy hair.  I love the tuft that stands straight up at her crown.  It is especially fluffy when it’s been freshly washed.  The other day I had to grab the camera as the morning sun gave her a cute backlit halo. 






Kaylie is constantly pulling my hair clips out and pretending to put them in her hair, so today I bought her her very own “hair pretties”.  It’s really hard getting anything to stay in her fine hair especially because she pulls them out, but here’s her first ponytail! 

Friday, June 01, 2012

Strawberry Season Begins!


Philbrook Farms opened this week with strawberries.  Today I feel so tired I decided to take the kids out to pick some so we had something fun to do until lunch and nap time.


Desmond was great at picking the best strawberries - no green ones and not too squishy ones.  Kaylynn was into it in a different way - shoving who knows what into her mouth.


At one point I put down the camera to finish filling our bucket with strawberries and when I turned around this is what Kaylynn looked like. 


The Russian ladies a couple rows over were laughing. The guy at the pay tent said her example is why he doesn’t put down slug bait like he wants to.  Yeah, she ate some dirt, but at least we’re enjoying fresh strawberries tonight!