Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Desmond's Book

Desmond wrote a book and sounded everything out by himself which is cute to read.  Being the proud mommy I am I just had to share it. 

"Once upon a time there (was) Desmond."

"Poof.  He got bigger."

 "He was four and then comes Christmas."
 "The end. Once upon a time..."
 "There was Mommy.  She took good care..."
"...of me.  The end."

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Big Girl Bed

Kaylynn has graduated to a big girl bed.  I've been sanding it down to refinish it, but we had to go ahead and use it unfinished after she climbed over the side of her crib and fell to the floor.  She's done remarkably well with the transition.  I remember having to put Desmond back in bed at least twenty times before he'd stay put for nap time.  Kaylynn hasn't climbed out of bed once.  I don't think it's occurred to her that she could get out though I'm sure she'll figure it out eventually.  Even when she wakes up in the morning she'll sit there until someone comes to get her.  She's growing up!

Passing around Germs

We've been battling sickness for about a month.  First the kids and Davin were sick, and once they were well I got sick.  Then the kids and Davin were sick again and now it's my turn for the second round. Desmond and Davin got well again fairly quickly.  Kaylynn has coughed for a solid month straight and I'm now dealing with the cough that leaves my sides hurting and head aching.  I've cleaned the whole house to try and kill these germs we're passing around.  Probably time to do a thorough cleaning again.  I think we're on the mend finally and hopefully we'll be done for awhile.

One thing I like about when the kids are sick is that they are so snuggly.  I can't remember the last time Kaylynn fell asleep on me when it wasn't nap or bedtime and even then it's fairly rare.

A late update from December

Maybe it's the Christmas season or maybe it's working evenings and weekends and feeling pulled away from family more than I like, but lately I've been thinking about my beautiful family and feeling so thankful for each of them.

Little Miss Kaylie is just a handful of emotion and movement.  She is always moving whether it's listening to a story, getting a diaper change, or eating - she's wiggling.  I must say her dancing is very cute.  She also loves to do whatever everyone else is doing and makes sure she's not left out.  If she sees anything on the dinner table (from a side dish to a condiment) that she didn't see me serve to her, she'll ask for it until she gets it.  She states her opinions loudly and sometimes I hear her using her frustrated mommy voice in which she ends her statement with a forceful, "Now!"  What a nice mirror!  She loves being a little mommy and carries her dolls around wrapping them in blankets or wiping their bottoms.  Kaylynn is starting to talk in sentences and some cute sayings I notice are, "Oh, nice!"  "Look, Des Des."  "Come on."  "Get up, Mommy."  "Look strong I am," followed by squeezing her fists tight.  I've also seen more defiance lately where she won't look at or talk to me when I'm correcting her and waiting for a response.  She can blow up fast, but also moves on, flashing a winning smile quickly.  She also has a knack for "changing the subject" when she's in trouble and it's so hard not to crack a smile.  She is a rushing river that will take much patience and consistency to direct. 

Desmond is best defined by: questions, questions, questions.  I feel he echoes everything I say but just changes it from a statement to a question as if more explanation is needed.  He's always thinking and gets this sideways squinty face when the wheels are turning.  We're are working on getting him to accept parental authority even without a "Why?" being answered.  He loves to figure things out and has developed quite a theory on how his digestion and elimination all work.  Quite amusing!  He likes to draw and builds LEGOs every day.  A recent highlight was when Davin took him to the LEGO store and let him fill a bucket with miscellaneous pieces he picked out.  He is starting to read and sometimes I have him read me the story at bedtime.  Desmond is bothered by Kaylynn's lack of order and cried when she ripped her coloring page yesterday.  

Davin is my rock.  He's patient and consistent through the ups and downs of young children and a frazzled, overtired wife.  He's been putting the kids to bed and cleaning up while I go to work in the evenings and I'm really looking forward to at least a couple evenings together this week!