Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Time

Christmas day was spent with Melissa's family and then we took a drive to Spokane to visit Davin's folks. It was fun to actually see some snow for Christmas! We also managed to take a quick jaunt over to Idaho to see good friends Buck and Tamara and their 8 month old baby Kai. He is a cutie and sometimes would start laughing to himself for no apparent reason. We can't wait to see our own baby!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Zoo Lights

A week ago, Gina and LeRoy took us to Zoo Lights to celebrate our baby. This was also the first outing after Davin was done with school. We had never been to Zoo Lights before, but the Lees go every year. Actually, this was their second time going this year. We had a buffet dinner before walking through all the lights, and we closed the evening by riding on the train. We didn't see many animals, but the lights were a pretty impressive display.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Rental Housing Christmas Party

I took the plunge and planned the first party for my residents in Student Rental Housing on Monday night. This is outside my normal job duties since technically I am not here to foster social interaction and relationship building. I still feel it is a great need and that the community and I could benefit from having more fun interactions together. I'm tired of always dishing out bad news and taking the fallout from it! I kept it simple, provided music, cider, hot chocolate, and had some fun door prizes to hand out. Everyone brought a snack to share which worked out great since I had no idea if I'd have 5 people or 50 show up. I was worried it might flop, but the night was a success, and 34 people came! The A-frame was hopping with conversations and kids running around. It was fun to hear people meeting each other for the first time and to see two middle school age girls swapping phone numbers. So, the next time someone says this isn't my job because my community doesn't want or need it, I have some proof to back up my belief to the contrary.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Last Saturday we made it out to Allen's Tree Farm in Oregon City to find our Christmas tree. This is our third time getting a tree from them. They have a large selection and shake and bundle the tree for you. Yes, it actually fits inside our Honda! I like putting up all our random ornaments while listening to the Carpenter's Christmas cd. We have angels and our wedding Mickey and Minnie next to Star Trek ships and an astronaut. And once again Warf announces from the U.S.S. Rio Grande runnabout, "I wish you a most honorable holiday. K'plah!" every time we plug in the lights. Now it feels like December!

Friday, December 07, 2007

No Rest for the Weary... yet

Davin's plugging away on his second to last big paper. He's already told me that we can't really go out and do anything fun until after school's over. With his nose in the books and me sacked out on the couch, we make a great pair. I have no energy to do anything, and he has no time to do anything, so we don't have much to report these days. I'm looking forward to Christmas break. Only one week left! I still work during most of the break, but thankfully work has been really slow and it will be nice to have Davin around.