Monday, December 10, 2012

The Christmas Season is Here!

The first weekend of December we took our annual trip to a local tree farm to get our Christmas tree. It was fun following the kids through the trees.  We finally decided on one and loaded it on top of the van while the kids got all sticky eating candy canes.  Then we wandered around the farm, looked at the animals, took a hay ride, and had some hot chocolate.  Later while Kaylynn took her nap, we set up the tree and Desmond helped decorate it with Kaylynn friendly ornaments on the bottom half. The only thing is that next time we need to make sure we smell the tree first.  This one isn't very fragrant and the faint scent we do pick up kind of smells like pickles.  Weird.
It's fun entering in to the Christmas season.  I get to talk with Desmond about why we celebrate Christmas.  He understands a little more every year.  We've decorated, looked at neighborhood lights and listen to lots of Christmas music.  Kaylynn's favorite by far is Point of Grace's "Jingle Bell Rock" and she could dance to it on repeat all day.  Yesterday I lucked out by getting the last gingerbread house at Target during my break.  We might build it tonight.  Hopefully we can get some outside lights up on the house, too.  We just need to have an hour or so where both Davin and I are home and it's not dark or raining.  Yeah... we'll see.

I've been working 12-28 hours per week.  It cuts into my evenings and weekends as I knew it would.  I want to work on refinishing the sink and stove set for Kaylynn's Christmas gift but I think I'll be doing good to just get one of them done.  My closing weekday shifts from now through Christmas are 8:15pm-12:15am.  It's going to make one tired mommy the next morning, but this is temporary and the extra income is helping out a lot.