Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Sweet Couple

This Valentine's Day I wanted to do something different. I happened to see a post on Dave Cross' blog about customized M&Ms. M&Ms happen to be Melissa's favorite candy. So, that was a convenient and easy decision ... although they happen to be the most EXPENSIVE M&Ms on the planet. But hey, they have a great message. I chose green and pink because green is my favorite color and pink is Melissa's favorite color. The message is kinda based loosely off our wedding vows ... which I guess you could find some weird connotation in us eating our love for each other. : ) Anyway, I also got her some roses the night before when she was at a friends house. I prepared them at home and cleaned up my mess. I then hiked them over to school along with the flower clippings and left them at work. I threw the flower debris away at school to hide the evidence. I also picked up a pop at the school cafe while I was there so that if Melissa came home while I was gone I could say that I was picking up a pop. Valentine's Day we went to a restaurant called Seasons and Regions. It was a decent restaurant. Unfortunately, I started getting sick that night and by morning the next day I was down for the count. All together though it was a fun night and Melissa was surprised.