Friday, February 24, 2012

Wishing for Rest

I'm feeling kinda worn out this week.  Kaylynn's up in her crib crying.  She didn't want to eat or play and, not surprisingly, doesn't want to nap either.  Desmond's watching Bambi and I'm counting down the minutes until Davin comes home. 

Hopefully soon Kaylynn will start sleeping through the night.  I feel like a whole new person when I'm rested.  Nine months of interrupted sleep is just about driving me crazy!  In the past two weeks Kaylynn has only slept through the night twice.  I think I'll need two or three weeks of good sleep to start feeling normal again.  It's actually hard for me to remember what that feels like.

I want to enjoy the kids and get out of this mere survival mode I feel stuck in.  I want to plan fun things for our week.  Usually I spend the day counting down the minutes to the next nap, rummaging the fridge for a snack for Desmond, or cleaning up yet another mess.  I could benefit from better planning: easy food, simple activities, and getting myself to bed early.  Maybe next week I can attempt that...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Miss Personality!

It is so fun seeing Kaylynn’s personality develop!  She’s growing more vocal and growls when she’s scooting after something she wants to knock down.  She’s much more quiet in new settings making others think she’s easy going, but she still has her strong opinions.  She’s also doing a cute sniffing thing and smacking kisses.  She loves hamming it up in front of the mirror.


Flood Pics


It’s taken some time, but we’re nearly done with our recent flood adventures.  We’re tired of ripping things out, breaking things that we didn’t want to replace, and trying to put it all back together.  We just have some trim to do and a new sink to buy for the half bath since the pedestal sink broke while we had it out.  Hopefully we’re done with this stuff for awhile and can make our next big house purchase something we were planning on improving.