Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Street of Dreams 2007

Davin and I went to the Portland Street of Dreams to check out this year's mutli-million dollar home show. It's always such a treat to see these vast, beautiful houses. Our favorite was the Pinnacle, which you can see in these photos. It had a fairytale quality to it with it's stone turret and a moat-like lilly pond out front. Of course it was immaculately decorated and outfitted with all the latest technology. We loved the stunning dining/kitchen area as well as the downstairs theater room with the "wet bar" that's bigger than our condo kitchen. It's still for sale at $2,700,000, but we think we'll save our millions for something else. Still, you could have one amazing party here!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Carcassonne Master Game

We finally got all eight expansions for Carcassonne! The last expansion we needed (the Count) was ordered on Monday from Funagain and arrived a few days later in time for our weekend game. We met up with the Lees, who introduced us to this game, and played the ultimate round of Carcassonne. It took three hours (partly because we were playing with the little known baby expansion, which adds unexpected interuptions to feed, change, and entertain the little Lee). The Dragon didn't see much action, cut-throat Towers was toned down with all the other expansions, and the King made a huge difference when the points were added up. We thought the massive 50 point city decided the game early, but not so. An affordable alternative to Catan, you should add this one to your games! The Final Scores: 240 Melissa 222 LeRoy 144 Davin 135 Gina

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mom's Winning Shot

Family came over for Davin's second birthday party at our place. We brought out the lawn games again and introduced everyone to bocce ball. Mom was on my team and this is a picture of her amazing winning shot. The guys couldn't beat that. Way to go, Mom!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

White Hall Demolished!

This was quite something to watch over the last 3 days. Every errand I had to run included stopping by to see the progress of the White Hall demolition. Let's just say, students will be surprised when they return in a few weeks since this was a very quick progression of events. Many students have called White Hall home during their years at Multnomah. Davin lived here Freshman year (his old room on the bottom left by the stairs was one of the last to go) and Melissa lived here Senior year as an RA. In Davin's opinion, this was the best dorm by far - with the tall, skinny rooms before the remodel. He bets the burrito was still stapled in the upstairs closet. Many fond memories... and there's the massive beast that tore it down this week like it was nothing. Before and after shots. Originally a blind school, I heard that White Hall was built in the 1930s, and this week it is no more. It does not pass earthquake safety standards and it costs way to much to retrofit it, so today all the memories are nothing more than a pile of rubble. A sad day.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Davin and LeRoy are 30!

On Saturday, Gina and I threw a big 30th birthday party for Davin and LeRoy at our place. I've always wanted to have a backyard party here. We had plenty of good food with Davin manning the BBQ, and I carved my first watermelon basket. There were lots of lawn games for all ages including a new one for us... bocce ball, which supplied us with lots of laughter. It was a wonderful time with friends; I think we need to party more often!