Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little Boy Blue

Desmond has officially moved back into his bedroom!  We moved him out of the “burgundy room” fairly early because it reeked of cat pee.  I started painting it in September, and then it sat untouched for awhile through early pregnancy discomforts and a-fib episodes.  I worked on it here and there, ripping out trim, sanding, retexturing, pulling out carpet, and sealing the subfloor.  Last week we finally got our new carpet installed and Davin put in the trim (we just have the closet and IMG_2918window trim left to do).  Today I finished up touch ups, and Desmond helped me move in the furniture.  He was so excited!  I was, too.

With this transition back into the “blue room” we are struck with how big Desmond is getting.  He’s such a little boy and no longer a baby.  Getting a new baby in a few weeks will change so much in our family dynamics.  We’re phasing out the things baby will use such as the gliding rocker that will go in the nursery, but it was sad not to rock Desmond tonight.  Our little boy is growing up!  What a mix of sadness and joy all at once.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cute Sayings

Desmond hiding behind the curtain: "I'm a Jertain!" While reviewing our phone number with Desmond, Davin says it and Desmond replys, "Good job, Daddy." The next time Davin says it Desmond says, "Good job, Daddy, again." The third time Davin prompts him to repeat it, Desmond says, "Good job, Daddy, again and again." At Sweet Tomatoes Desmond was playing around rather than eating. Davin was trying to get him to finish his dinner and rather than saying it verbally again, he simply pointed to Desmond's food. Desmond then turned with a smile and pointed to Davin's food. We got a good laugh at his imitation. While making dinner Desmond was helping me roll out the dough and he said, "Dough. Doe a deer!" He's always making new associations. I'm not sure where he picked up this word because it's not like we're saying it all the time but in the car Desmond all of a sudden blurts out, "Husband." I told him that Daddy was my husband so he repeated, "Daddy is my husband." Later at dinner I was telling Davin about it and Desmond said again, "Daddy is my husband." We corrected him and told him that Davin was not his husband but his daddy and he was only my husband. Desmond was about to cry because he wanted Daddy to be his husband. We kept explaining about family relationships: daddy, mommy, son, husband, wife, brother, sister. Desmond just ended up confused but at least we avoided tears.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Our Not-So-Little Desmond

It’s hard to believe that very soon we will have two children!  I am looking forward to lightening my load and getting this body back in shape again.  Desmond likes to give baby sister kisses.  I think she’ll need to get used to getting lots of love. 


I’ve been struck with how big Desmond is getting lately.  Not only has he grown half an inch in the last 6 weeks (making him 38.5 inches tall), but he continues to surprise me with the things he says and his growing skills.  He can dress and undress himself, count to 29, and recognizes numbers 0-10 which is handy when we tell him he can’t get up until his clock says 7.  He knows all his letters including some letter sounds and can spell his name.  He also just learned our phone number. 

Recently a car honked it’s horn and Desmond said, “Somebody pushed the trumpet button.”  He also reminds me to take smaller bites and made a joke the other day by saying “cheese” instead of “please.”  He makes us laugh on a regular basis.  I should be better at writing these things down because I forget most of it.

IMG_2900Last weekend we went down to Albany to celebrate the Boydston March birthdays: Dad – March 1, Grandpa – March 4, Daniel – March 6, and me – March 15.  We had gifts and dinner at the Sizzler.  Here’s Desmond giving Nana an eskimo kiss.  He has a routine: hug, kiss, eskimo kiss, high five, knuckles, thumbs up.  We’re getting everyone trained in that.