Monday, January 29, 2007

Green Belt Test

Last Wednesday we passed the test for our green belts and entered the intermediate level. It was the hardest test we've had because there was a lot of material to cover. We had to do 4 basics, 2 kicking tests, 10 fighting techniques, all the forms we've learned so far, and our first weapons form which was the sahng jeol bong (nunchucks). We finished up by breaking boards with a front kick and a side kick. The board breaks are the most exciting part of the test. We got it on video along with our friend Dave's five board breaks. He's now a half black belt. After that we all went out to Olive Garden to celebrate. Stay tuned... the next belt is purple, but for now we're going to enjoy green! Davin's board breaks   Melissa's board breaks   Dave's board breaks  


Weston said...

Thanks for the videos!

gina lee said...

he-he, it's great that Davin takes 2 turns each, and Melissa gets each on the first try. You go girl!! :)