Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Earlier this month, we enjoyed the snowfall. Well... I enjoyed the snowfall. Davin's had his fill of snow from growing up in Spokane. We had 3-4 inches at our house and school was shut down for a couple days so we had free time to relax and play. Now that I live at work there were a couple things I had to follow up on each day even though the office was "closed." Still have people living here that I am responsible for, and when someone doesn't have heat in this cold weather, it's a big deal. We stayed snug and I helped shovel and de-ice the sidewalks in front of my house. One night while Davin was putting our new Oregon plates on the car, I built a snowman. It was perfect snowman snow. Too bad my brother didn't live closer. We would have had fun building forts, caves, and having a snowball fight. Davin prefers to stay inside, but he indulges me in my childish delight in the snow from time to time. :-)

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