Saturday, July 21, 2007

07/07/07 Weddings

July 7th was a popular day for weddings! Davin and I ended up parting ways for the day to attend two different weddings. I was one of the Matrons of Honor and also sang in Beth Ptolemy and Paul Bomar's wedding in Seattle. Mom came with me so we enjoyed some girl time together. It was a simple and sweet ceremony that went off without a hitch... except the cake topper fell and the groom's head broke off, but Mom fixed it so no one could even tell. It was a fun weekend, and I'm so happy for my friend, Mrs. Beth Bomar! Davin writing now. I went to Tré and Kelly's wedding. It was a really nice wedding. I was great to see Tré get married to a great lady. It was also cool to see Kelly marry a great guy. I think that they will make a wonderful couple and I think God will richly bless their marriage. One funny thing at the reception ... Tré and Kelly were doing their first dance as a married couple and Tré went to dip Kelly and she ended up on the floor ... laughing though so it was all good. Congrats Tré and Kelly Wilbanks (such a proper sounding last name).

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