Sunday, August 19, 2007

Carcassonne Master Game

We finally got all eight expansions for Carcassonne! The last expansion we needed (the Count) was ordered on Monday from Funagain and arrived a few days later in time for our weekend game. We met up with the Lees, who introduced us to this game, and played the ultimate round of Carcassonne. It took three hours (partly because we were playing with the little known baby expansion, which adds unexpected interuptions to feed, change, and entertain the little Lee). The Dragon didn't see much action, cut-throat Towers was toned down with all the other expansions, and the King made a huge difference when the points were added up. We thought the massive 50 point city decided the game early, but not so. An affordable alternative to Catan, you should add this one to your games! The Final Scores: 240 Melissa 222 LeRoy 144 Davin 135 Gina


Dave said...

So, here's the important question... who won?

Davin said...

Well, before we began the game Melissa said that whomever won would be called the Master of Carcassonne. Melissa won, and I'm assuming she is too humble to refer to herself as such.