Friday, September 21, 2007

Blue to Brown Belts

Davin and I tested for our brown belts on September 12. We have now left the intermediate and entered advanced ranks. Melissa going through her 6 forms - white through blue. We got to swing our staffs around for our weapons form. Stand back! Can I just say, Davin is amazing at his jump reverse chop kicks! He loves the jumping kicks, which will be helpful in the advanced ranks. We had 100% on our board breaks - front kick, side kick, ax kick, and spinning heel.


Beth said...

You guys are amazing! Congratulations! I wish I could have seen you perform for your test!

LeRoy Lee said...

You both looked fierce. I too would have loved to see it. I can't believe the height in some of those pictures. And with Davin's mad photoshop skills I have reason to pause. Great job you guys.