Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Rental Housing Christmas Party

I took the plunge and planned the first party for my residents in Student Rental Housing on Monday night. This is outside my normal job duties since technically I am not here to foster social interaction and relationship building. I still feel it is a great need and that the community and I could benefit from having more fun interactions together. I'm tired of always dishing out bad news and taking the fallout from it! I kept it simple, provided music, cider, hot chocolate, and had some fun door prizes to hand out. Everyone brought a snack to share which worked out great since I had no idea if I'd have 5 people or 50 show up. I was worried it might flop, but the night was a success, and 34 people came! The A-frame was hopping with conversations and kids running around. It was fun to hear people meeting each other for the first time and to see two middle school age girls swapping phone numbers. So, the next time someone says this isn't my job because my community doesn't want or need it, I have some proof to back up my belief to the contrary.

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