Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Obama's Politics of Change?

Obama keeps talking about the politics of change. Yet, many of the statements he's making are just openly divisive. Is this change? For instance the below clip shows Obama accusing the McCain camp of racism. The McCain camp has NEVER brougth Obama's race up as an issue. The only one talking about Obama's race is Obama. Blatant lies like this don't amount to change in my book.


Samantha said...

While it's true that McCain isn't bringing up the issue, a lot of people are. Here in Montana and also in Idaho there are tons of people who have told me not to vote for Obama because he plans to enslave white people to pay us back for slavery. It is a real issue that is coming up in the rural west and it's fine in my opinion for him to address it.

Davin said...

Problem is, in this quote he is referring to the McCain campaign, not the rural west.

gina lee said...

After watching the video, I took it as Obama 'poking fun at himself'. It didn't sound like he was accusing anybody of anything. Just my opinion.