Thursday, September 04, 2008

Why I won't be voting for Obama

So, the election is just 61 days away. At first I was somewhat beside myself as to whom I would vote for. I was not really jazzed about either candidate. However as I have started studying the candidates I come to realize that I could not in good conscience vote for Barack Obama. I'm not to thrilled about some of McCains views on economic issues, and immigration. However, I cannot say that I morally disagree with McCain. However, Barack Obama stands for so many things that I disagree with that I cannot vote for him. Such as ...
  1. Barack Obama voted down the Born Alive Infant Protection Act twice. This act would protect babies that are born alive as a result of a botched abortion. Barack was the only senetor in his state to vote against it. Even the other liberal senetors voted for it. How could anyone not care for a child that was born alive. Instead these babies are just left to die.
  2. Barack Obama's ties to terrorist William Ayers are befuddling. WHy would he associate, even call a friend, someone who blew up the capitol and preformed various other terrorist acts. When asked about it on September 11th Ayers responded that he did not regret what he did, and wish they had done more. He is totally unrepentant about his actions. Barack Obama has tried to justify his friendship by saying that he was only eight when Ayers commited his acts. Who cares!? Whether he wa eight, eightee, or eighty. Why would you consort with a man that is proud of his terrorist actions. Presidents should not consort with these kinds of people.
  3. Barack Obama's tax plan would increase taxes 20%.
  4. Satements such as "if my daughter were to make a mistake I don't want them punished with a baby." Babies are not a punishment even if they are born to teenage mothers. Who in their right mind would call a baby a punishment?
I could go on, but I don't want this post to get too long. Like I said at first I was not to keen on McCain either but after the Saddleback event I am beginningto like him more. He answered each question very well, while Obama talked around all the tough issues without really saying anything. I'm curious, if you are planning on voting for Barack Obama over John McCain why is that? Comments welcomed.


Samantha said...

Hi Davin, it will probably not surprise you that I'm voting for Obama since I'm pretty much just a 'crazy liberal' as I was in high school. If your main issue is with abortion, as it seems to be from the points you mention, obviously you would have to support McCain. I don't agree with Obama's position on several things, but I do think that the war in Iraq is far more detrimental to human life than abortion is, and that Obama will do more to mitigate the loss of life that is occurring there on both sides. ( , But we will probably have to disagree on that point.

As for the association with William Ayres, they both taught at the same school -- a lot of folks at my university support things that are pretty silly but I still maintain a good working relationship with them without supporting their views. I am far more concerned about McCain's history of essentially taking bribes. No one is talking about the Keating 5 but look it up ( Associating with someone supporting radical beliefs is a far lesser crime for a president, in my opinion, than taking money to vote in politically expedient ways.

And as for taxes, your taxes will only go up like that if you earn over $250K. For the middle class, taxes will go DOWN 5%. ( And I'd rather have my taxes go up a bit and provide better services for those in this country who need it, or pay down the huge Bush deficit.

And my own reasons for supporting Obama, besides those I listed above, is because it's time we had a President that is thoughtful and intelligent and willing to listen to those he disagrees with. I watched Obama on O'Reilly yesterday and he did GREAT! ( I'd love to see McCain try to have a similar discussion on Olbermann. I could go on but I get the feeling we'll just have to disagree :-)

Anonymous said...

Obama's anti-life stand is at least consistent. I blogged about it here-

And, honestly, even though McCain is higher on the sanctity of life scale, both candidates are essentially the same as far as economics (the REAL economic issues, not just taxes), foreign policy (both support an interventionist/policing the world stance), and both are tools of the system. I can't in good conscience vote for either of them.

And since the election is already decided and my vote won't matter, I'm planning on voting my conscience- Ron Paul.