Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lovin' Life with Des

Great Grandma Munger-Johnson came to see Desmond the other day. It was also her first time meeting Davin. I'm not going to go into the whole long story, but it is amazing how an innocent baby can unknowingly bring families back together.

We love our new Ergo! Well, new to us. A friend helped me get this on Craigslist. I was never fast enough on my own, since these things get snatched up the hour they're posted. I usually carry Desmond on the front, but here he is piggy-back riding it with Daddy. When he's fussy and nothing else seems to be working, we suit up and go for a walk. Des actually fell asleep on this walk, but woke up when I got out the camera.

On Sunday we had a dedication service for Desmond. My parents, brother, and grandparents were able to make it to celebrate with us. I was thinking about what it meant to dedicate my son to the Lord. Even though He's God and I'm just a mommy, it's hard for me to really hand over control of Demsond's life. I know I'm really not in control anyway, but I so desperately want to protect him from anything that would hurt him.

Desmond's been working on sitting. He can do it for a few seconds on his own... without the Boppy. Usually he ends up folded in half fussing because his tummy is getting squished. But this has also led to the discovery of his feet. Yesterday he rolled over for the first time (from his tummy to his back). Mobility has begun!

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LeRoy said...

That is an awesome picture of Desmond. I feel like he is going to jump up and attack.