Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Move and a Desmond Update

We moved to Vancouver on January 4th, and I finally feel like I can catch my breath a little bit. Thank you to all who helped out! With the youth group there we had everything out of the house in an impressive 45 minutes. We're managing to get everything in half the space we had before. We just have to organize things well so it all fits. I've unpacked a little here and there during Desmond's naps, but with Jr High Wintercamp last weekend this coming weekend will be the first chunk of time Davin and I can team up together to hopefully finish unpacking.

Desmond gave us a little bit of a scare early this week when he started gasping and squeaking a lot when he breathed. At first I just thought he was playing around. We took him to the doctor twice and at the second visit they said it was croup. Thankfully he's getting better already. Through it all he's kept his (mostly) happy demeanor so that's good.

Desmond also had his 6 month checkup and everything's great. He's still off the chart for his weight and height percentiles checking in at 22 lbs 0.5 oz and 28 inches long. (When does that become tall instead of long?) Anyway, he's wearing 9-12 month sizes now and enjoying his big boy car seat. He still doesn't have any teeth although the bumps have been there for about 6 weeks now for his bottom two teeth. They're getting close but taking their time. I think he's going through a growth spurt right now or something because he's been extra sleepy. He'll sleep 10 hours at night (whoohoo!) and then during the day he'll be up for only an hour or so until he's ready for another nap. Some of his naps are 2 or more hours long. Sleepy boy!

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