Monday, March 16, 2009

29 and First Tooth

I turned 29 yesterday!  It’s strange being in the final year of the 20’s.  For some reason 30 just seems so much older than 20-something.  I had a great day with my family, and Davin made a scrumptious salmon feast for all of us.  Desmond was the star of the show as usual which I don’t mind.  He’s just an irresistible cutie!

IMG_3740 IMG_3716

Today was another milestone for us… Desmond cut his first tooth!  The lower left tooth has the honor of being first, and five others are not far behind.  I’ve been saying he’s teething for the last 4 months (half of his lifetime!) so it’s nice to finally have some proof. 

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gina lee said...

You look seriously HOT in this picture! Look at how small you are, and don't you dare eat all of that cake at one time! ;)