Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Consignment Sale Haul!


A few weekends ago was the biannual Just Between Friends sale at the Expo Center. Desmond has outgrown all his clothes so he needs a full new wardrobe for summer. I found all sorts of fabulous deals during my 5 hour shopping spree! My limit for shirts was $1, pajama sets $2, pants $2, and shoes $5. I also found a couple nice jackets for $3 each. I got some great brands: Gap, Old Navy, Carter’s, and Disney to name a few. My best deal was two pair of Stride Rite shoes normally $45 each, but I got them for $5 each! I spent $95 for everything but also made about $50 in sales, so everything you see in the picture really only cost me $45. Whoohoo!!! Mark your calendars for the last weekend in September and you too can get in on the action!

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Anonymous said...

Good Job!! That's impressive.
Hope that Desmund has recovered from his ear ache and that you are all well. Thanks for coming up to see us. We enjoyed seeing all three of you, especially our grandson
Grandpa Fix-it & Grandma Cheryl