Monday, July 20, 2009

5 Year Anniversary to Remember

We’ve been looking forward to celebrating our 5 year anniversary for several months.  It was my first time away from Desmond for more than 4 hours, and though I was a bit anxious about that I was also very excited!  A 2-day vacation from being a mom for the last year!

IMG_4860Saying goodbye to the baby for two days at Nana and Papa’s.  (He did great!)

Instead of crying like I thought I might, I felt giddy!



IMG_4861The highlight of our trip: dinner at the Space Needle on the evening of July 17th.  It was exactly five years ago to the hour that we said our “I do’s”.






IMG_4864 IMG_4869 

Dining high above the skyline of Seattle.  We rotated around two times during our meal.

IMG_4868 IMG_4870 IMG_4874 

Appetizers: clam chowder and spinach salad, dinner: seafood trio, and dessert: ice cream and Marion berry cobbler.  We had to document this food since we paid a ridiculous amount of money for it.  Davin’s “lunar orbiter” dessert was quite the show stopper.







We saw the sun set as we had dessert.  Perfect.  Then we went up on the observation deck to take in the nighttime views.


IMG_4890 IMG_4893 

After glorious uninterrupted sleep we spent Saturday walking around Seattle and finished the day with my first ever drive in movie.  It was so much fun!  How refreshing to be carefree for a little while.

IMG_4898 IMG_4902

We’re already dreaming of our next mommy and daddy get-away!


Weston Ruter said...

Is that the drive-in theater in Auburn?

We're thinking of doing a Seattle anniversary next year or something. Great idea! You are our trailblazers... er...

Davin said...

Yes, it is the theater in Auburn. It's pretty cool.