Sunday, December 27, 2009

Disneyland 2009

 IMG_0142We just got back from a family vacation to Disneyland with the Lees.  What a trip it was!  Driving 1000 miles in one shot with two small children can be a bit tricky, but driving at night while they’re sleeping sure helps. 

We arrived on Wednesday, December 16th and went into the park for a little bit on our first night.  Thursday and Friday were both full days in Disneyland and California Adventure.  Desmond’s favorite ride was Dumbo, and we also enjoyed taking in some of the parades and fireworks shows.   The new Toy Story ride was also a highlight.   

Saturday morning Desmond got sick.  It was his first time ever to throw up.  Not fun.  We missed most of Saturday but after a doctor’s visit and an obviously feeling better little boy, we went enjoyed some of Disneyland that evening.  Our one goal for the night was to ride Dumbo for Des. 

Sunday was a mostly normal vacation day in the parks.  We took Addison for the evening so the Lees could have a date night.  Desmond was still working on getting back up to par so we didn’t stay out too late.  Unfortunately, that night Davin and I both came down with whatever it was Desmond had.

Monday was our final day at Disneyland.  The Lees took Desmond for the day (thank you so much!), and Davin and I stayed behind at the hotel feeling quite crummy.  We took some medicine to try to feel tolerable enough to go into the park that night for our scheduled date night.  We ate dinner at the Blue Bayou… our tradition from every Disneyland vacation.

Overall it was a fun trip, but I sure wish we could have skipped the flu.  (Poor Addison had it for the day we drove home.)  Davin and I missed going on lots of the big rides since we did most of the kids stuff early on and the crowds were so bad in the evenings it was difficult to just walk around sometimes.  Still Christmastime is beautiful in Disneyland, and I’m already thinking ahead to our next Disney vacation.

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