Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Just Stuff

Recently life has felt busy at times and slow at others, and I’ve been feeling a little lonely and introspective.  Time to refocus, I think. Last month I took a mini mommy vacation. I went to a nearby hotel for two nights by myself to just recharge my batteries. It had been so long since I just breathed for awhile, spent time with God, drew pictures, and slept in. I also indulged in a massage at a nearby spa, La Bella Mi. It was wonderful!

IMG_0519 Davin's parents came down from Spokane to visit us a couple weekends ago which was very fun. They enjoyed hanging out with the little grandson. They let him pick out some toys at Target, and we got professional pictures taken at JC Penny's. It was cute hearing Desmond saying "Gamma" and "Gampa" throughout the weekend.

The other day we walked to the pet store and got a blue betta fish for Des. I get him downstairs in the morning by saying, "Let's go say 'hi' to the fish." He loves to feed it and often pulls the dining room chair over to the counter to climb up and say, "Hi, fish!" Maybe we should come up with a name.

Tonight Davin and I are really looking forward to watching the premiere of LOST with some friends.  So exciting!