Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Embracing a New Decade with a New Do

I’m turning 30 next week!  I’ve always viewed age as just another number, but 30 does sound different to me now that I’m here.  I’m officially grown up, I guess.  I’ve been thinking about updating my look to go with my new decade of life.  Since becoming a mommy of a toddler, I find that I always have my hair pulled back in a pony tail or else wish it was.  Plus my thick hair takes an impractical amount of time to dry and style.  So I cut off about a foot and donated it to Locks of Love.  I’ve never had hair above my shoulders except when I was a baby.  I’m having fun playing with it and surprising people.  My own family didn’t recognize me when we arrived at the party.

IMG_0810  IMG_0870-1 

Sunday, we went down to Albany to celebrate the Boydston March birthdays: Dad, Grandpa, my brother Daniel, and me.  Nathan, Daniel, and Aurora were all there.  They’ve come to a couple family birthdays in the past two years, but it’s still a new thing.  We even sang an a cappella, four-part harmony song together for the first time in eight years. I couldn’t help but get emotional.  There’s a very long road to healing the hurts, but it felt good to be together.