Friday, April 23, 2010

Playing at Our Future Park

We took advantage of a sunny weekend day and headed down the road to play in a new park.  It’s a few blocks from our hopefully soon-to-be home.  It always surprises me to step back and watch Desmond play.  He can climb up little rock walls and go down the slides all by himself.  He didn’t want to try the spinning chair, but once we were on we giggled the whole way.  I hope to spend many summer days here.

IMG_1046 IMG_1061 IMG_1056 IMG_1150 IMG_1110 IMG_1112

House Update: We heard back from the bank and they wanted $25,000 more than the advertised price.  Hello!  We countered with $5,000 more than our first offer and the bank countered with another $5,000 more.  We tried to hold, but they basically sent a rude email saying we must not want the house if we can’t give them what they’re asking.  We do really like the house and it’s still a good deal at $10,000 more so we conceded.  God has provided the funds to allow us to pay more, so we’re hoping to hear back any day that we can move on to the next step toward closing.  We’ll see!