Monday, May 31, 2010


I captured a picture of Desmond napping the other day because I want to remember the little moments like this.  He’s developed some distinctly Desmond ways of doing things. When he’s getting situated in bed to go to sleep he likes to snuggle all the way under the covers or he’ll at least make sure his head is covered.  He likes to have bear, puppy, and blanket when he goes to sleep.  He is a fidgeter with his blanket and often falls asleep with a corner in his mouth and a corner in each hand. 

IMG_1295 IMG_1296 

He loves to play outside. His favorite activities include drawing with chalk, blowing bubbles, pushing around his wagon, collecting rocks, and running through the bushes. He innately knows that trees are for climbing though there are no low branches on our little tree. 

IMG_1311So Desmond got his first major boo-boo one week ago today.  We usually run to the front window to look out and watch Davin put his bike away when we hear him come home.  Desmond fell down a couple stairs and landed on the hardwood entry splitting his chin open.  Yeah, it was a nice way to welcome Daddy home.  We immediately took off for the ER, and three hours later we were home for a late dinner and bed.  Desmond was a trooper but it was really hard to see him get five stitches.  We got them taken out on Friday and the steri-strips came off tonight.  His cut hasn’t bothered him at all, but now it will be my job to keep sunscreen on it to minimize scarring.  But with a name like “Danger” you’ve got to have a scar, right?

IMG_1329 IMG_1331 IMG_1339

We enjoyed the Waterfront Village this afternoon.  The best part was the cowboy show.  He got Desmond laughing with his fire juggling.  Here’s Desmond sporting his cool tattoos.