Friday, December 03, 2010

Money, Money, Money

Life sure gets expensive all at once it seems. We recently got a free truck from Davin's dad, and it's been a great luxury to have two vehicles! However, the truck died this week and it cost us over $600 to get it fixed. Ouch. After talking to my brother about it I think we paid too much but what's done is done. I'm trying to see it as acquiring a $600 truck which is still a good deal. Now as long as it doesn't break again. We also had to recently pay off my $1000 hospital bill and Davin is testing for his Tae Soo Do black belt test tomorrow (hurray!) but the series of four tests costs $400. Ugh! Our house still needs a new roof and I'm afraid we'll need to do it soon before our savings is too far gone. I wonder what's down the road - you know, other than delivering a baby in May - that will need that money, too. We're also in the midst of the Christmas season when we like to give lots of gifts, but I'm working on handcrafting what I can to save some money. It's more thoughtful that way, too, right? It just takes several hours to put together one gift so I've got to keep moving on those. God has always provided above and beyond for our needs and I know He won't stop meeting our needs now. Still I like to have my safety net in the bank where I can see it.