Thursday, December 30, 2010

Potty Training Round 2

The first time I tried potty training Desmond, it didn’t work.  I gave up after watching him like a hawk and not leaving the house for six days rushing him to the potty every time. 

Davin wanted to give it another go on his three day Thanksgiving weekend.  I let him head it up this time and took a much more relaxed approach.  I didn’t think it would just magically work in three days or less this time.  And I was right.

We are now five weeks into potty training and we’re still not there yet.  Let’s just say the three day method isn’t for Desmond.  He knows what to do and how to do it, but he just lacks the inner motivation to actually do it.  At this point it’s more about me being vigilant and taking him to go often enough. 

Some days Desmond doesn’t have any accidents.  Today we’ve had two.  The worst so far was when he pooped while we were at Target.  It was extremely difficult to clean up in a tiny bathroom stall with a shortage of wipes, but it felt good tucking the undies in a baggie and tossing them in the garbage on the way out.  Not worth washing.  On weekends I let Davin take the messy ones.

It’s nice saving money on diapers, but I find I have to do laundry based on Desmond’s underwear pile now.  Who knows when everything will click and he’ll make the decision to be in charge of going potty, but for now it’s going okay.  Just maybe he’ll take over by May.