Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sledding Day



This morning after our toddler alarm clock got us up, we got ready, packed our snow stuff and headed to Mt. Hood for some sledding.   Thankfully Desmond’s snow pants still fit and some borrowed snow boots worked if we took the fleece inserts out. 

Last year we took Desmond sledding for the first time and he didn’t like it, but this year was a whole different story.  He was climbing in the snow while Davin and I got our gear on, and he laughed and kept saying, “This is fun!” as Davin pulled him along on the sled.  We found a good gentle hill to ourselves and Desmond even took a few runs on his own.  Even after two hours of snow play he didn’t want to leave this time.

I felt a bit strange with my pregnant belly hanging out of my unzipped snow pants (thankfully they have suspenders so they stayed up), and it was quite a work out pulling Desmond in the sled back up the hill after our runs together, but it was so much fun!  We’ll have to try to go back before the winter is over.