Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little Boy Blue

Desmond has officially moved back into his bedroom!  We moved him out of the “burgundy room” fairly early because it reeked of cat pee.  I started painting it in September, and then it sat untouched for awhile through early pregnancy discomforts and a-fib episodes.  I worked on it here and there, ripping out trim, sanding, retexturing, pulling out carpet, and sealing the subfloor.  Last week we finally got our new carpet installed and Davin put in the trim (we just have the closet and IMG_2918window trim left to do).  Today I finished up touch ups, and Desmond helped me move in the furniture.  He was so excited!  I was, too.

With this transition back into the “blue room” we are struck with how big Desmond is getting.  He’s such a little boy and no longer a baby.  Getting a new baby in a few weeks will change so much in our family dynamics.  We’re phasing out the things baby will use such as the gliding rocker that will go in the nursery, but it was sad not to rock Desmond tonight.  Our little boy is growing up!  What a mix of sadness and joy all at once.