Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seven Weeks


Kaylynn is seven weeks old.  She still prefers her milk from a bottle though I’ve been keeping up with breastfeeding once a day.  Usually it’s the early morning feeding while everyone else is asleep and I know I won’t be rushed or interrupted.  I think the calm, dark setting also helps her not fight me.

Kaylynn likes to be awake more during the day looking around.  She gives big smiles and coos when her tummy is full and I talk to her up close.  It melts my heart!  She is also getting better at controlling her head though I should give her more tummy time.  I often sit her in the swing rather than put her on the floor because unless I’m right there, I don’t want to leave her on the floor with Desmond.  He isn’t always aware of where he’s putting his body.  He accidentally hurt her the other day and when she cried Desmond did too.  He felt so bad!

Desmond is a good big brother and is doing great with the transition.  Right now he really likes to help wash the bottles.  We are working on obedience and respect with him which isn’t easy for anyone.  At one point yesterday Kaylynn was crying because I had to interrupt her feeding to deal with Desmond who was crying because he wasn’t getting his way and was in trouble for being disrespectful.  We’ve tried a few different methods of discipline to find the most effective one for him so now he requests to sit on the stairs to avoid a spanking.  Hmm.  If he is getting a spanking he asks us to give him a slow one.  It’s so hard not to laugh!  God grant us grace, patience, and wisdom in loving and shaping our children.

It feels normal now to have two kids.  Kaylynn fits right in.  We’re finding our rhythm though it’s still hard to get out of the house by myself with both of them.  I find I need to feed someone, pump, or get someone down for a nap all day long so I tend to stay home.  We made it out to pick strawberries over the weekend with Davin so that was fun!  We need to go back for more soon.