Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pumping: Iron & Milk

DSC_0010I got off of my work out schedule when I was down in Albany for three days.  I brought my stuff, but without my normal routine and both kids to tend to during the night and early morning, I just didn’t make it happen.  It’s hard to get back on track!  I’ve only worked out twice this week, but I’ve been eating really good, so I’m happy to see the scale still moving in the right direction.  Today I did level three of the 30 Day Shred, and man, I wish I had three pound weights instead of fives, but it felt good to have sweat dripping off my nose!

I still nurse Kaylynn about once a day, but the pumping rhythm is feeling more manageable and it’s what we’ll probably stick with.  I’ve cut way down on the amount of pumping I’m doing, but I’m still making lots of extra milk and I’m ready to donate to the milk bank.  I estimate that I have about six gallons in the freezer.  Gotta leave some room for food!  My application will be complete once my OBGYN is back from vacation and signs the form.  Hopefully it won’t be long after that to ship some of this off to a new baby who needs it.