Friday, September 09, 2011

Growing, Playing, and Shopping

It’s hard to believe Kaylynn is four months old today!  Gotta get a cute picture of her. 

DSC_0004The other day Desmond enjoyed pulling Kaylynn around in his little wagon. It’s fun to see them playing together!  He is very careful with her and likes bringing her toys to play with.  Kaylynn likes to watch him and gives him lots of smiles.  Sometimes Desmond can even get her to laugh when I can’t.

Yesterday I checked Desmond into Playland at Fred Meyer and got so much shopping done while Kaylynn slept in the Ergo. Amazing! Why haven’t I used this free service before? Desmond had a great time playing with toys – which is what he begs me to do whenever we go shopping anyway. I’ll definitely be doing more shopping here. What a great feeling to be able to get everything on my list and not have to chop it down to the bare essentials so we can get out of the store without a meltdown.

I’m gearing up for the JBF kids consignment sale next week.  I’m tagging a few things to sell, and I’ll also be volunteering for one shift.  Hopefully I can make a bit of money to cover some of what I need to buy.  Kaylynn needs a few warm clothes for winter in a couple different sizes and Desmond needs pretty much everything.  I love shopping this sale for good deals; it feels like a treasure hunt.  It’s a bit time consuming though with three different trips for drop off, volunteering, and pick up, not to mention the hours needed to shop!