Monday, October 17, 2011

Every Girl Deserves a Pretty Dress


I have recently developed a friendship with a local mom through MOMS group.  She has a cute nine month old son and was due in January with her daughter.  On Friday I could not get my friend out of my mind and I prayed for her often.  Ultrasounds showed that the baby would have little chance of survival, and on Friday she was born at almost 27 weeks.  After one breath she left this world to meet her heavenly Father.  Now I know why my friend was heavy on my heart that day.

This has hit me really hard especially since I know the pain of losing a child.  At eight weeks I never got to hold mine or kiss his face, but I can still relate to a mother’s grief.  I have cried a lot the past few days.

I had a thought to make a dress for the baby, and my friend said it was okay.  Newborn clothes are too big so I made a doll dress out of some beautiful soft fabric I bought in Salzburg shortly after getting engaged.  I used some of it for my wedding.  I think it is perfect.  Every girl deserves a pretty dress even if it’s the first and last one she’ll ever wear.  I just pray that it fits alright.

In a way this has been healing for me.  I couldn’t give anything to my baby, but it has felt good to carefully craft something for another.  We were never meant to burry our children, but still  God is gracious.  I thank God for the two perfect, healthy children I have, and I ‘m glad my friend has her son to love on and help her heart heal. 

Dance with your Father, Eden Grace, and say hello to Emery for me.  Your moms await the day when we can know you and hold you again.