Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby Girl’s First Christmas–Then and Now


Here is a picture of my first Christmas, December 1980. Mom kept this little dress so I sewed new elastic in the sleeves and put it on Kaylynn to recreate my Christmas photo from 31 years ago. 

Kaylynn does not like sitting on this little chair!  Of course, the crying came after falling off face first so I can’t blame her for not having anything to do with it after that.  She is two months younger than I was at my first Christmas, so her sitting skills aren’t developed enough for stable chair sitting and she know it. 

I see so many of Davin’s features in the kids especially the mouth and chin, but it’s fun to compare with my photo and see that my features are in there too.  She’s definitely a blend of us both.  Merry Christmas, darling!  You are the best gift from this year.