Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Update


Kaylynn is eight months old now.  My how time flies!  She’s starting to do the hands and knees rocking motion so maybe she’ll advance beyond the army scoot soon.  She’s enjoying more foods and her first top tooth has poked through; the other is not far behind.  Carrots are her favorite veggie and bananas are her favorite fruit.  She is signing “all done” sometimes in addition to “more” which is helpful.  She’s still not sleeping through the night – the little stinker!  We’ve got to train her out of that, but lately that’s been partly due to sickness.

Kaylynn got her first stomach bug after Desmond had it.  It’s the first of many sicknesses the kids are going to pass back and forth now.  For a few days she couldn’t keep anything down.  That wasn’t any fun.  I also decided to ditch the cloth diapers for a few days until the nastiness passed.  The liners couldn’t keep up with that.  Eww!  Currently she’s in disposables again because she got a terrible diaper rash and we have to keep her super dry and covered with ointment.  Desmond never had a bad rash like this, but it’s finally getting better.  Hopefully we’ll be back to the cloth diapers soon. 

Speaking of cloth diapers, I didn’t win the contest for free diapers but that’s okay.  I think I’ll still get some more because I’m finding I have to wash them every other day and that’s getting to be a bit too much.  I have to change Kaylynn more frequently in cloth because of the wetness factor and we double them up at night so we go through about ten a day.

Desmond is potty training and it’s going pretty well! Hurray!!! I LOVE having him out of diapers. For a few days there with Kaylynn’s sickness and Desmond’s accidents, I was about beside myself with cleaning up bodily fluids!  Thankfully we’ve made it to the other side of that mess.  With all Kaylynn’s extra diaper rash treatment baths, Desmond has been enjoying “crashing her bath parties.”  He also got to run around in our snow flurries this morning, though it’s too wet to stick.


I just love my beautiful kiddos! They play well together and you can tell they both adore each other.  Desmond is to the point where he begs me to not take any more pictures of him, but I can’t resist!