Thursday, February 15, 2018

Emberly is 6 Months Old

Emberly is 6 months old!Yeah, how did that happen? She is sleeping through the night occasionally and takes three good naps a day. She seems to be working on some teeth although they haven't popped through yet which has led to some fussy days. She's eating lots of pureed foods and likes everything she's tried so far, but really doesn't like having her face wiped. We're working on sign language for "milk," "more" and "all done," and I think she's trying them out sometimes. She says da-da and other cute babbles. Emberly sits and stands with support and is a pro at rolling. Her favorite place to hang out is the jumper. She'll try jumping if she's standing in your lap, too. Overall Emberly is sweet, patient, curious, and likes to snuggle and giggle. I'm enjoying all the snuggles I can get in between school lessons and food prep. She's a joy!