Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hair Razing Tale

So, the other day Melissa gave me a hair cut. Um, it kinda went wrong. Just kidding. I figured I've never had my hair spiked down the middle so why not do it while I'm getting my hair cut. It was interesting. Fortunately, I didn't have to leave it that way. Also, the other day Melissa and I went to Seaside and spent the weekend there. A lady that works in Melissa's department had a beach cabin that they were selling so they let us stay there for free. It was pretty fun, but it rained really hard. While we were there we decided to color Melissa's hair. She was wanting to go back to a more natural hair color, but I convinced here to go red ... really red. Right after we colored her hair it was very, very red. Fortunately, it has faded a bit since then and it looks more natural now. As we drove home we noticed that the water was getting really high in the river. Later that week turns out there was a lot of flooding at the coast. We missed it by a couple of days. So, that is our two hair stories.

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