Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Good Future Daddy

Here's some pics with Davin and our friends' babies. Ah, aren't they cute?! When the Lees came over for games one night Addison was quite taken with Davin, so he got her out of her car seat, and she was just happy as pie to sit on his lap. I like how their outfits match. Last night we went over for dinner at the Swope's, and though Titus was full of energy all night, he calmed right down when Davin started reading a story to him. Luckily, I got this shot before the batteries in the camera completely died! A picture of Titus as promised. Davin's going to make the best dad ever! Many of you probably have a certain question in mind, and no, it's not our turn quite yet. Until it is, we'll enjoy playing with our friends' kids.

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Beth said...

These pictures are REALLY cute! Davin WILL be a good Daddy!