Friday, October 05, 2007

Alternative to Oil Heat

So Davin and I decided that we needed to look into other options for heat this winter. We moved into this house mid-winter last year and in 4 months we used 338 gallons of oil costing us $920. Ouch! I guess it wouldn't have been too bad if we were nice and toasty the whole time, but we basically only ran the furnace in the evenings between 5-10pm. I froze most of the time! So Dr. Kutz introduced us to the EdenPure heater that he uses. He got one we could borrow so we've been trying it out, and it heats our big living room pretty well. The best part is that it only uses 1.263 kilowatts per hour so we figured out if we had it on 14 hours a day, it would cost us about $0.70/day. Based on what we paid for our oil I estimate it costs almost $1.50/hour to run that thing! Let's see... one hour of heat vs. two days of heat. Even though the unit is kind of expensive, it would pay for itself in 2 months. I think we may need to get one of these things.


LeRoy said...

I love the edenpure website. "Tiled background... My eyes!"

Davin said...

We ended up getting a different heater. We used the Eden Pure for a while, but consumer reports ranked it really low, so we ended up getting two of these, and they keep our living room at about 70.